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Logo Competition

Firstly, grateful thanks to everyone who submitted something; I'm sorry I could not write to you all personally and that it has taken this long to respond.

At the logo competition cut off date (August 1998) we received a surprising number of entries, from hand-drawn sketches to computer-generated imagery. Last December, Paul Sieveking and I finally found a moment to whittle the heap of entries down to a more manageable few.

Some were just text descriptions; here's one that made us crack up: "Fort, BOTD: 'Of all the incredibilities we have to choose from, I give first place to the notion of a whirlwind pouncing upon a region and scrupulously selecting a turtle and a piece of alabaster.' (which, for my money, could usefully go in small italics across the bottom of CFI letterheads.) A turtle sitting on a broken block of alabaster. The turtle's expression is inscrutable, representing the ageless incomprehensibility of the natural world. The stone, though worked by man, is roughly sheared off like a fallen chunk of Parthenon, symbolising the wisdom of the ancients, the achievements of civilisation, and the inevitable Ozymandias failure and decay of all that in the face of time. The oddities of the universe unassailably triumphant over the strivings of our understanding. Now, a good artist could convey all that in a handful of neat black lines and a splash of green." Nice try!

Some entrants were prolific in both their imagination and number of entries. (And some of them really shouldn't forget to take their medication.). Many designs were well executed and imaginative. Some were hilarious (intentionally or not) or culturally overloaded. Some were too complicated, obscure, obvious, simplistic or simply bizarre.

Designs from the following have been eliminated; for various reasons they did not convey the image we are looking for for CFI Anon (2), Justin Anstey, Desiree Atkinson, Kirsten Baron, W. Ritchie Benedict, Edward Bertschy, Christopher Buckham, Carole Brown, Niles R.R. Calder, Joan Carper, Jim Clark, Christy Cook, Ade Dimmick, Steve Duysen, Jon Fales, P. Fordham, Claire Hall, Reynold Halos, Gordon Hodgson, Kenneth V. Jackson, Stefan N. Karelan, Tobi Keeley, Steve Mainwaring, Pete Linforth, Steve Miller, Jason Mills, Martin Roberts, Julian Rowe, Sam Owens, Les Prince, George Spedding, Steve Spezzano, Martin Stubbs, John A. Swailes, Sam Tanis, Chloe El Thompson, Pam Thomton (or Thornton), Simon Tingstrom, Sean Tudor, J Ellsworth Weaver, Phil Wheatley and Ben Williams.

There was no obvious winner, but designs from the following had real potential and will be judged a second time John Dalziel, Karel Hladky, Bing Shing Ho, Mark J. Howard, Nathan French, Andy Paciorek, Lidia Plintchev, Les Prince, Chris Pyrah, Steven Roberts, Duncan Rowe, David St Albans and Xinyi.

Very soon, we hope to single out three prospects and put them to the membership for a vote. Taking that into account, the winning design will be selected by the directors and developed by a professional designer. Thanks to all entrants again.

Bob Rickard


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